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Established back in 2011, Verminator Pte Ltd has since blossomed into the leading player in the pest control Singapore, with over 30 years worth of experience.

Over the years and through the various rounds of corporate revisions, the core team has remained unchanged—equally as committed, dedicated, and passionate as ever before, if not more. The core team is the heart and soul of Verminator, and continues to uphold only the highest standards of service excellence and management cohesion at all times.

Through clients who seek solutions even in the most challenging pest control projects, our team has garnered a wealth of experience that is put to use in the constant upgrades and refinement of all Verminator’s products and services to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

What customers say about us?

29. May, 2024
This is our first time consulting Mr Hector /Verminator Pte Ltd, for household pest services. His advices were prompt and efficient, flexible and v service oriented. His Verminator service team (Mr Firdaus and Mr Ali) was doing their tasks systematically and patiently. They did their tasks effectively and were very pleasant when briefing and communicating with this client👍😅
10. May, 2024
We have been using Verminator for the past 3 years and have no regrets. Their office/ops Team is responsive and prompt. Shout out to Suren, who has been conducting the pest control services at our house. He is polite, meticulous and careful. Small and simple things like carrying the ladder up and down the stairs is done with great care. I have recommended Verminator to friends and we have nothing but good words to say about this well-run company. Thank you.
E Yew
E Yew
8. May, 2024
I have engaged Verminator as the pest control company for my premises for the past 3 years. We have recently had a rodent problem and the staff dealt with it promptly and efficiently. Their customer service is also very professional, sending updates to when the scheduled treatment dates are regularly. Highly professional. Highly recommended.

Our Pest Control Services


A thorough site inspection to assess the pest activity and address customer’s concerns.


A customised, cost-effective pest management program to meet client’s needs and expectations.


A strong collaborative partnership with relevant Authority to carry out preventive and control measures.

Robots Pest Control Singapore


Verminator’s approach to pest management is broad-based—effective, yet safe for humans and the environment. It focuses on long-term pest prevention by employing proven techniques such as X-term for termites that comprise a combination of both chemical and non-chemical practices.

Singapore's Robotics

Identify and treat pest infestations in hard-to-reach locations, such as false ceiling, inspection chamber, drainage, etc.

Vehicular Innovations

Facilitate thorough fogging/misting treatment in terms of vast area coverage.

Digital System

Automate workflow processes to provide real-time information for monitoring of resources and generate historical data for trend analysis.