Aedes Mosquito Trap : All you need to know

Why a Aedes mosquito trap is key for your home? We live in a world where mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. They have significant impact on public health and comfort. Outdoor activities with family and pets has become miserable with the existence of mosquitoes that causes extreme itching, bumps and worse; diseases such as Dengue and Zika.   

The demand to combat Aedes mosquitoes in Singapore is an ongoing battle as the weekly reported dengue cases have remained high, at more than 300 cases (April 13) and seven deaths so far in 2024. The Red zone reported by National Environmental Agency (NEA) with fast rate of dengue transmission were significant at these following clusters: Ang Mo Kio Avenue, Gangsa Road and Jurong West.  

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About the Biogents Aedes mosquito trap

Verminator is able to offer a solution for homeowners living in Dengue Red and Yellow zones. The Biogents Mosquitaire “BG-Mosquitaire” an eco-friendly mosquito trap designed to specifically attract and capture Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) and yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) both outdoors and indoors without usage of insecticides. The sturdy mosquito trap was developed to be placed in the external of your home to reduce the chances of mosquito bites and the traps have been tested worldwide with great results.  

The BG-Mosquitaire trap limits the presence of mosquitoes in your surrounding through a patented combination action imitating the presence of a human being. To the mosquitoes, the trap highly resembles a human being. The air stream produced by the fan in the trap mimics the breathing produced by a warm human body and an artificial scent lure (BG-SweetscentTM) is used to attract mosquitoes to the trap by imitating the odour of human skin. 

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Furthermore, the BG-Mosquitaire trap can also come with a special feature known as BG-Booster CO2 whereby pure carbon dioxide (CO2) can be released from the trap to attract more mosquitoes. This feature is seen to increase the catch rate of mosquitoes dramatically. The release of CO2 of each trap is 0.5 kg per day which corresponds to the respiration of a small child. To supply the trap with CO2, a commercially available CO2 gas cylinder, more than 6kg is prepared. To know more about this, contact Verminator here

The BG-Mosquitaire trap can be placed outdoors conveniently in the vicinity of your home, gardens, cafés, restaurants, parks, hotels, campgrounds, swimming pools, sports and recreation facilities and wellness facilities. The location of the trap is efficient when placed outside in a shady, humid location sheltered from direct sunlight, strong wind and heavy rainfall. Key locations to place the traps are near mosquito resting areas such as wells, drains, basements, wood piles, under a tree, beneath over hanging plants and bushes etc. or potential breeding spots such as rain barrels, plant saucers, buckets and water holding containers and rain gutters. 

The BG-Mosquitaire Trap is easy to install. To assemble the BG-Mosquitaire Trap, the BG-SweetscentTM lure package is placed into inner wall of the funnel. A net is then attached to the bottom of the funnel. The funnel is then inserted into BG-Mosquitaire Trap. The trap is plugged to a water safe power outlet to operate. The fan in the trap pulls in the air and distributes the scent from the lure over the trap. The mosquitoes are lured towards the scent source are pulled into trap through suction and are held in the catch net. Watch this video to find out more. 

The BG-Mosquitaire trap been approved by professional and healthcare experts worldwide as a gold standard for trapping Aedes Mosquitoes. Optimal control can be achieved through the trap as it acts as second line of defence protecting your family by trapping mosquitoes coming from other areas within your neighbourhood. The BG-SweetscentTM lure can last up to 2 months. The BG-Mosquitaire traps are provided with a 6 months warranty against manufacturers’ defects.  

Order your Biogents Mosquitaire from Verminator and we will offer a complimentary installation and set-up. Many of our clients have deployed BG-Mosquitaire traps on top of their routine mosquito treatment services with Verminator and they are convinced that the traps are extremely effective in reducing the mosquitoes and are well worth the money spent!  

To enjoy outdoors without worrying about pesky mosquitoes, get your BG- Mosquitaire traps today from Verminator. Contact us through WhatsApp for your first purchase with us!