Termites in apartment? Why everyone hates the sound of this sentence? No matter what type of property you own, even if it is a high-rise apartment, you are not exempted from the risk of termite infestations that could very well cause structural damage and bring harm to you and your family.

Termites are insects that feed on cellulose-based materials, which alternatively is referred to as wood, paper, cardboard, plants, or even fabric. With specialised microorganisms in their digestive system that assist in the effective breakdown of cellulose, they are able to feed off and extract nutrition from the sources mentioned above.

As an apartment dweller, it can be common to believe that your property does not run the risk of termite infestations. Nonetheless, that could not be further from the truth. Depending on a myriad of factors, you could very well be exposed to termites in apartment infestations if not managed or prevented well.

Building’s construction

If your building is crafted with materials that are susceptible to termite infestations and proper preventive measures are not set in place from the get go, termite infestations are not off the table. Through the cracks, crevices, or even underground tunnels that are available, termites can crawl their way into the building easily.

Infestations from other units

Termite infestations can travel, which means that across adjacent units in multi-unit buildings, if one is infested, the others stand the chance of receiving it too. It is through shared walls, utility lines, or ventilation systems that termites move from one house to another.

Poor building maintenance

If a building is poorly maintained with a lack of inspections, repair, or treatments for termites, the risk of infestations is high. Without regular assessments or upkeep, termites can find their way into the building and build colonies, causing severe damage to the structure of the building over time, all while risking the health of all tenants. Other than holes as entry points, make it a point to watch out for any water leakage or seepage as well throughout the building as termites are attracted to water and moisture.

Unkempt shared spaces

It is common for apartments to have shared spaces for all tenants, perhaps such as basements or shared storage spaces that. If the shared spaces are not preserved well with proper maintenance or treatment, termites can seek refuge, build their base, and spread to individual units from there.

All in all, termite infestations come down to proper management and care of the building, as well as each separate unit within it. Within that, all tenants should always engage in collective action to prevent any form of infestations through the following measures.

Regular inspection

Carrying out inspections on a regular basis is excellent to ensure that if any problems are identified, that it can be nipped in the bud. Termite infestations can spread quickly, and therefore, these assessments can quickly identify, address, and promptly solve the situation, should anything arise.

Proper care & maintenance

Buildings should always be regularly maintained by the management itself, while the tenants should ensure its upkeep and condition. If there are any cracks spotted or water leaks within the building, it should be managed as soon as possible, without any delay, to prevent infestations. Do note to avoid storing any large amounts of cellulose-based material as well within the vicinity of the premise. However, if it is a must, be sure to store them in such a manner where they are not in direct contact with the ground.

Communication & cooperation

As apartments are an entire community of tenants, communication and cooperation between all is key. The maintenance of the building should be a collective effort—if any suspected termite activity or exposed area is found, it should be immediately reported to the management, and residents should be informed so that any pre-emptive action can be taken to prevent further infestation.

Engaging with professionals

Ultimately, the easiest and most efficient way to secure your building from termite infestations is to engage with professionals who are experienced in the prevention and management of termites. Professional pest control services will be able to conduct regular assessments, checking the building thoroughly, and will be able to promptly solve any termite infestations, or even other pest infestations, if spotted.

Even though apartment buildings are susceptible to termite infestations both drywood and subterranean, there are ways to prevent and manage termites in apartment, and that is through proactive and prompt action. Protect the building, yourself, and the other residents today.