Rat Infestation in Singapore is quite common but nonetheless disgusting . While a single rat scurrying along might not be able to cause much damage, but a large number of them is undoubtedly a cause of concern. The constant scratching and squeaking are common identifiers that you may have a rat infestation issue in your home or building.

Rats, while they can adapt to their environment easily, they enjoy familiarity. If basic necessities such as food, water and a safe nesting space are available for them, they will consistently return to the same area. Understanding how critical it is to keep your area rat-free can save you from harm to your health or damage to your property.

3 Ways Rat Infestations Can Be Damaging to Us

 1. Property Damage 

Replacing furniture and electrical wiring or appliances may become a regular occurrence if the infestation is not dealt with immediately, (similarly the with the termites in furnitures). A rat’s incisors (front teeth) are constantly growing, therefore, they gnaw on just about anything to keep them aligned and short for survival. Rats will gnaw through furnishings to keep their front teeth short; they will gnaw through walls to create easier access to daily resources such as food and water; and they will also gnaw on electrical wiring, which is often the cause of electrical fires. They also need to secure their nest, so rats will gnaw material off furniture and boxes and drag them into their nesting site where they will continue to breed and become more difficult to deal with unless rat control services are contacted.

 2. Food Contamination  and Waste

Rats have an incredible sense of smell and is the main reason they decide to make their way into your home or building. Once they locate a food source, they will make sure they access it by squeezing through openings or gnawing through walls. Rats will often go for food items that are packaged in cardboard boxes or paper wrappings as it not only supplies them with food to eat but they can also bring the scrap packaging for their nest. While they are having their pick of supplies, they will also contaminate food and the area along the way with urine, droppings and hair. Although you can try to store food items as best as possible, the best solution is to make sure your area is rat-free to lower the risk of food contamination and waste.

 3. Carriers of Disease and Secondary Pests 

While a common way for people to get sick is through food contamination, rats also carry numerous diseases such as Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Rate Bite Fever, Salmonellosis and Typhus. By simply coming into direct contact with their urine, droppings, fur or saliva can cause liver and kidney damage, renal failure or cardiovascular problems, which may cause some to experience long term effects. As if being carriers of diseases aren’t bad enough, rats also carry secondary pests such as fleas, ticks and mites in their fur — leading to additional pest infestations in your home or workplace.

Getting Rid of Rats Safely and Effectively

Smudge marks on walls and in tight spaces are clear indications that rats have taken a liking to your space, so identifying their presence is easy enough. But to keep yourself out of harm’s way, it is always advisable to contact a local pest control expert in Singapore to deal with a rat infestation. Verminator has been Singapore’s leading pest management company since 2011 and offers their services like solving Rat Infestation in Singapore for residential, commercial and public sectors at affordable rates. If you have identified a rat infestation in your area, contact us today to safely and effectively get rid of them!