What to do when you encounter a pest problem?

What to do when you encounter a pest problem? The likelihood of confronting pest issues is becoming more common as the suburban sprawl inevitably leads humans closer to unexpected vermin encounters. Uninvited, these noxious creatures tend to establish themselves in our homes and it is not easy to get rid of them once they have settled down.

Example of pests that cause such challenges include cockroaches, household ants, mosquitoes, rats, flies, termites, rodents, fleas, bedbugs, and many others. Such organisms are fond of causing harm through the spreading of diseases and a few thousand dollars’ worth of infrastructure damage. Attempting to fix the problem on your own without effective pest control methods is just another scenario of ‘throwing good money after bad’ as pests are tough cookies to eliminate unless with the aid of a professional pest control company!

Here are some planned actions from Verminator on what to do when you face a pest problem:


Pest Control Worker setting up a rodent trap

If you encounter a pest problem : First Collect evidence!

Encounter with pests can happen at any time no matter where you live. Hence, take clear photos or videos of the signs or sighting of the pest. The images will help pest control professionals detect the severity of the issue and the pest they will be dealing with.

Under the best of circumstances, keep the pest specimen including droppings, death carcasses, discarded wings, or bloodstains (common signs for fleas and bedbugs) for identification purposes.

Do not attempt to eliminate the pest you encountered on your own.

The usual problem pest control professionals face after getting distress calls from new clients is the clearance of evidence, leaving no trace for identification of pest issues or reoccurring pest problems.  

Sometimes, the client may also spray the wrong chemicals as their first attempt at controlling the situation. This may make the situation worse than it was before as the pest may eventually develop resistance to the chemical solution, making them harder to eliminate.

Another good example of this is to spray the common supermarket-bought aerosol spray on termites, thus chasing them away and making it impossible for professional pest controllers to install the termite baiting system which can effectively eliminate the entire colony!

The usage of improper chemical treatment may also potentially risk the health and safety of yourself and your pets at home. Therefore, it is better to leave the signs of infestations (and the pests) for detection and elimination by professional pest controllers.

Verminator pest control team

Engage professional pest control immediately for advice.

Pest issues are often gravely underestimated on its severity and potential for health hazards and also structural damage until it’s far too late. While the problem may seem trivial at first, an escalated version of it can be highly detrimental.

Get a professional pest control specialist such as Verminator to survey your home and identify the pest issue immediately. Our technicians are all well trained in the biology and habits of pests and are licenced by NEA to utilise the best and most effective solutions in tackling the issues at hand.    

They will help find the potential sources of infestation and advise on the removal of breeding and harbourage sites. Furthermore, they will provide assurance and peace of your mind by offering regular monitoring, inspection, and preventive maintenance for any new infestation.

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By Naveeta, Entomologist at Verminator Pte Ltd